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A word from the Owner

In 1977 I made the decision that working for the County of San Benito was not something I wanted as a career and applied in the private sector in Hollister/San Benito County. It was my life time home and the place that I wanted to raise my children.

I was offered a position as the receptionist with a local CPA firm and in fact took a large decrease in income to make the move out of County service.

It was not long before I was helping with the firm’s property rentals and soon after they asked if I would consider getting my real estate license so that I could get more involved in the process of showing properties and preparing documents on their behalf.

It was a great opportunity and I found that I had the ability to do a good job at managing all of the areas involved in property management.

Along the way the property management business became my own and at the same time I included real estate sales. It has been a wonderful career and I have met so many wonderful people during my service as a Realtor in San Benito County.

I became a member of the San Benito County Association of Realtors in 1980 and through the years have been president for two different terms, many committees, State director and many State committees in the California Association of Realtors.

I am very proud to have been awarded the Realtor of the Year. I have been a member of the California Apartment Association since 1979.

I am involved in other organizations in our community that are concerned with the quality of life we enjoy. I believe in giving back to the community and participate in volunteer work through out the year.


Margaret L. Pidd

Professional Property Management & Sales